No prior knowledge of Sanskrit necessary since simple syntax of Sanskrit is used.
No prior knowledge of Coding is required since the simplest concepts of Coding is used for Paraashar.
Ability to recognise Devnagari words. Clicking instead of writing is used.

You may enroll by making a payment of INR 5000/- in the payment section and get in touch with +91-6362450343.
We may decide on the class timings over the call.

* understand the Indian Astronomy and is able to identify the night sky stars.
* comfortable using the Indian Calendar and is able to connect to Indian astronomy.
* introduction to a decentralised coordinate system based on astronomy.
* understand the art of coding using simple Samskrit that is fun to work with.
* foundation for advanced courses in Maths and Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, currently Sushama and Rajiv Rahalkar scholarship is available..

To apply for the same, please share the below through email or contact form :
* Academic marks and the grade you are persuing.
* Books read apart from school text.
* Family income.
* phone number to contact you.

Yes, here is a list of scholarship donors :
* Bhanumati
* Manjunatha
* Vinod Nekhiladi
* Amit Rahalkar
* Shardula-ai

Depending on your skills you may contribute in multiple ways.
* If interested in Indian Astronomy, Indian Calendar, Sanskrit, you may enroll for 1 hour class on Sundays.
* If you feel there is scope of improvement somewhere in this product, feel free to get in touch.
* You may pay scholarship for a child, at INR 5K per child for this course.
* If good at content creation - making good videos, art work,let us know.
* Right now, there is a need for a sales/marketing person
* You may contact Shardula-ai at +91-6362450343.