Shardula-Ai : Programming In Sanskrit

A fun to learn, paint as you code programming language built ground up using the ancient Indic knowledge.

It improves creativity, intelligence in children.

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Online Summer Camp

A fun filled program for kids to connect them to our ancient knowledge relevant in computational and scientific areas.
Night Sky Observation : Identify nakshatras/ stars and constellations.
Indian Calendar : Science behind our festivals and traditions.
Sanskrit Coding : Innovative Coding Platform.
Shlokas(poems) and Maths : Chandas, Katapayadi etc.
Panchatantra : Timeless stories of Wisdom.

We are conducting two weeks camp for kids in the month of April and May 2023.
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Smt Supriya, Shriya's mother

Sainathji has designed the most authentic and fasinating ways to introduce kids to the celestial world of Dishas, Grahas, Nakshatras, Rashis and Jyothishyam (Indian Astronomy). His unique perspective of seamlessly fusing Jyothishyam with Coding has indeed been and amazing yet fun learning experience for my 7year old daughter. The most exciting part for us was to witness the application of Samskrutam in Coding! Couldnt have asked for a more revolutionary concept, which teachs kids to remain grounded to our roots and yet be relavant to today's advancements!

Pragati, 7, Dubai

Pragati is a long term student of Paraashar. She loves her younger sister, Sampada. Pragati is very creative and expressive with her artwork. In the spare time, she loves creating stories of herself and her sister.

Ashrita, 6, Bangalore

Ashrita is one of the yougest student of Paraashar. She enjoys collecting sea shells, and creating sand castles when she goes to beaches. At night Ashrita like to star gaze along with her papa and maama.

Smt Gayathri N, Arjun's mother

Shardula Parashar has made a dream come true. It was a great vision once upon a time to have Sanskrit as programming language.
By far, Sanskrit is recognised as the best language to code. But still we dont have it. Unfortunately the language is not known to many.
Mr.Sainath has this great vision and brought it to reality. Enjoyed creating Indian Flag in minutes using Sanskrit as a programming language - Shardula Parashar Excited to learn more about it. Innovation is the key to excellence and I’m confident Shardula is in the right direction.

Shloka, 7, Bangalore

Shloka is a child Prodigy. Shloka is hard working and intelligent girl. This is one of her many pictures created using Paraashar.

Smt Sreekala Kannan, Dave's mother

It’s been an immense pleasure to learn coding with Sanskrit. It’s not just a coding platform but the in-depth knowledge of ancient astronomy, the months as per Indian calendar, rashis etc which was shared to arrive at the coding. This astronomical knowledge is the key and the most valuable. All thanks to Sainathji for sharing this knowledge selflessly. Brings us more closer to our tradition and roots. Let’s all keep our tradition high and share the knowledge with the next generation through such innovation like coding.. It keeps the kids engaged at the same time keeps Sanskrit and Indian sciences alive..

Sunil Karde, Advait's father,

Congratulations and big thankyou to Sainath Shanbhag and his most talented team for introducing and the concept of Sanskrit Programming language. I see Shardula ai is future trending and I am lucky to find my child enjoying it in the early phase of his life. I believe most of the Indian people will be inspired by this and more and more advanced knowledge will be rejuvenated from the deeply advanced Indian knowledge system

Shriram Pai and Saritha Pai, Shriyansh's parents,

The current Indian system launched by Lord Macaulay has barely focused on employment eligibility (not even employability).. Prior to this, our Gurukula system focused on providing life skills through ancient knowledge, curated for thousands of years - and addressed width of topics as well as the depth - be it astronomy, astrophysics, astrology, logic, reasoning, name it and it was there. Shardula AI 's Parashara has put in a small step in the right direction and at the right time - when education of children has been the one aspect that has been the worst hit by the pandemic and resultant lockdown.. This attempt to initiate ancient vedic knowledge through modern use of technology has been commendable, to say the least. I strongly recommend this program be presented to larger audiences in the coming days, so that greater good to greater number of people is achieved. Our Anantaananta Vandanas and Shubhaasheersha for your coming work!